Religious TV Bloopers – TV Host Laughs At The Caller

How Do You Feel On A Call-In Show When The Host Can’t Stop Laughing At You?

Religious TV bloopers can be the funniest of all. That’s probably because, on most religiously oriented programs it’s expected that folks will exhibit a certain amount of decorum. Right? This is a truly hilarious clip that originally aired on Dick Clark’s “TV’s Bloopers and Practical jokes”. The set-up is simple: a semi-religious talk show called “America’s Voice” with well-known conservative and religious host Armstrong Williams. “Danny” was a teenage caller who, for some reason, insisted on singing to Williams and his co-host taking them completely by surprise, and knocking Williams for a loop.

We’ve classified this under both “Religious Boneheads” and “Political Boneheads. The truth is… it’s so good we don’t really know what to do with it.



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