Sarah Palin’s Turkey Slaughter Political Blooper

Sarah Brings The Thanksgiving Word Salad!.

Here’s a great entry in our Political Boneheads category. Sarah Palin, of course, provides us with so much material it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best. But, this one is a classic. In this amazing video shot in 2008 by KTUU Channel 2, the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, then Governor Palin went to a turkey farm to pardon a Thanksgiving turkey. As part of the festivities, she conducted an interview with the media reps that were there. Apparently no one, including the governor and her staff, thought to suggest that a move of 10′ one direction or the other might provide a better background than the actual slaughtering of turkeys we see going on behind her. If you look up the term “politically tone deaf” in the dictionary, you’ll find this video there as the definition.

We know it’s not Thanksgiving today, but this is such a classic example of a boneheaded political blooper we couldn’t resist posting it. Prepare to be amazed. 😉



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