Classic Movie Bloopers – Breakdowns From 1940

The “Warner Club” Poked Fun Every Year … And they’re Still Funny Today!


The “Warner Club” was made up of the stars and executives of Warner Brothers Studios, and for many years they held an annual banquet. One of the most popular traditions that arose out of these events was the “Breakdown film”. Today, we’d call this the blooper reel. The executives and staff would store up reels of outtakes and mistakes and edit them into a film to be shown at the banquet. Over the years the “Breakdown” films saw the appearance of many greats and it was all in good fun … AND uncensored. Some of these Breakdown Films have survived, and this is one of the best. These are truly classic movie bloopers.

Sit back … Relax … and see how they Blooped back in the day. Enjoy “Breakdowns From 1940”.



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