Lowell Thomas Classic Radio Bloopers

Lowell Thomas Classic Radio Bloopers!.

Lowell Thomas was one of radio’s most widely listened to newsmen in history. He gained fame for his travels and reporting from the side of T.E. Lawrence. If you’ve seen “Lawrence of Arabia”, the character of the American newsman, played by Arthur Kennedy, was based on Thomas. He had a very popular news broadcast which was on CBS through the 40’s, 50’s, and first part of the 1960’s.

Thomas was also famous for his sense of humor, and for his breakups on live radio. In this funny bloopers video, you’ll hear a couple of classic Lowell Thomas radio bloopers. The first one is a true classic. He’s simply trying to describe President Eisenhower’s visit to Hershey, Pennsylvania, the home of Hershey Chocolates. What follows is one of the funniest bloopers in history, and his announcer, Dick Nowell, is overcome as well. The second is an instance where the writers actually wrote something funny in expectation of Thomas losing it. He did.




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  1. I love it when people are trying not to laugh and they end up cracking up and laughing more …. laughter is awesome.

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